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Proceli Choco Croissants 4 Pack
Delicious gluten-free croissants with chocolate by Proceli. Delicious with a more extensive breakfa...
Proceli Croissants 4 pack
Delicious gluten-free croissants by Proceli. Delicious with an elaborate lunch, brunch or breakfast!
Proceli Ciabatta Rustica Multigrain
Delicious multigrain ciabatta's by Proceli. Gluten-free, fibre-rich and low in sugars. Delicious as ...
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Proceli White Bread (Classic)
Gluten- and lactose-free sliced white bread by Proceli. Contains about 11 sliced per packaging. Deli...
Proceli Baguette Rustica
A delicious baguette by Proceli, ready in 3 minutes!
Proceli Biscotes (Toast)
Proceli - Biscotes. Delicious gluten-free toast slices. Delicious as breakfast or lunch.
Proceli Vienes Baguette 2 Pack
Delicious Gluten-free baguette made with corn. Make a delicious sandwich by baking the baguette for ...
Proceli Magdalenas 4 pack
Delicious muffins by Proceli. The muffins are gluten-free and lactose-free. Packaging contains 4 muf...
Proceli Multigrain Bread (Complet)
Gluten-free and lactose-free sliced multigrain bread (complet) by Proceli. Contains about 11 slices ...
Proceli Ciabatta Rustica
Proceli - Ciabatta Rustica. Two delicious ciabatta rolls, just bake them for 3 minutes and they are ...
Proceli Pizza Base 2 Pack
Proceli - Pizza Base 2 Pack. Top your very own gluten-free pizza with your facourite toppings and ba...
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